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Our Mission
Certified Organic Skincare and Haircare.

We will do our utmost to wean Canadians away from store-bought products, with synthetic chemical ingredients, widely believed (references per Web), to adversely affect one’s health, and, resulting in “bad skin”.

Company Policies
We will do our utmost to buy only organic ingredients from recognized and reputable sources.  We will not test our formulations and/or packaging and utensils, on animals and are certified by “Leaping Bunny”, in this regard.

Because of a lack of industry standards and a lack of regulation, what you find at the store is NOT necessarily a therapeutic grade of essential oil.

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Turning to a “chemical-free” lifestyle is not a fad anymore.  It is an intelligent and informed move.  Lab-produced ingredients are harmful.  I like to say “if you don’t believe me, just check!”.

I saw a huge positive change in my overall well-being, my self-esteem and even an increased level of tolerance of stressful people and situations after I changed to Green living.  When you are feeling good and happy with yourself, outside influences have lesser impact.  

”Be as young as you can, for as long as you can” is my motto.

This is my pledge to you:  to always and every time, only use plant-derived ingredients with absolutely no additives.  I only buy from sources who have certified agents checking the manufacturing AND the repacking of organic ingredients. Latter is essential to ensure that no dilution or additives are included in the essential oils, butters and raw materials you buy.  My pledge includes that I will never use any animal products in my formulations, not even bees honey.  My sourcing is only from companies who have signed documentation with the Leaping Bunny organization, that all ingredients they sell to me, have never been tested on animals.

I do not use water/aqua or any other additive to increase the quantity of my formulations.  I submit every formulation to Health Canada detailing all the ingredients and quantities used in my cosmetic products.  Every single product I sell is used by me (and my family).  This business was not started as a means to make profits.  Please read My Story on this website.  Be assured, I am a caring and ethical personality.

Fragrance or “Parfum” is not used in my “green” products.  Fragrance/parfum contain a lot of harmful constituents (hundreds of chemicals), and you do not want those absorbed into your system.  Companies are allowed to use the label “Fragrance” with a “proprietary clause” so that they do not have to disclose to Health Canada all the harmful chemicals that go into making that “fragrance”.  It is horrific what chemicals go into making a fragrance.  And we layer our skins with these?!  Without fragrance/parfum, oils smell like oils.  Because you benefit so much from these oils, it is only natural you will learn to love it soon, and miss it, when you don’t have it.  I am not comfortable in using “absolutes” either because of the processing additives.  Carrot Seed oil though fantastic for your skin, smells of carrots.  Some oils like Lavender, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, and Sweet Orange have a pleasant scent.  Since orders are custom-made, please do contact me by email, if you wish to have certain oils increased to make it more attractive to you.   Minimum to maximum for all ingredients in individual products are part of  the notification process to Health Canada.  Increasing the percentage of an ingredient will depend on your skin type, e.g. if you have sensitive skin, certain oils have to be used in very minute quantities to prevent irritation. 

Be disciplined, and you will be seeing your skin bloom.  Hopefully within 3 months at most, you will see fine lines disappear, you will look younger, and best of all, able to look beautiful without any make-up.  My greatest joy is putting on natural sun-care oil to protect my exposed skin from the rays, and going shopping without any make-up on.  Essential oil moisturizers have improved my complexion so much.  My lips are luscious and I don’t need any (poisonous) lipstick either.  Do research on what goes into lipstick – you will be so surprised what is allowed.

If you have a teenaged daughter who is perhaps using make-up against your wishes, here’s your chance to start her off to a (widely-believed per Web), healthier lifestyle.  One which will not only benefit her, but her babies too, when she becomes a mother one day (sans 10 or more years of harmful chemicals going into her system).  Remember however, anyone of child-bearing years who has the probability of getting pregnant, should not be using essential oil formulations.  A few essential oils are safe during pregnancies, but most are not!  

Your own research will educate you on how many dangerous chemicals we put into our bodies every day, while using store-bought products: our make-up, our skincare, and lingering fumes from household detergents.